Curriculum Vitae


Personal details


Name:                   Peter P. Uzunovic

Date of Birth:      1st June 1968

Marital Status:    Married (one child)

Nationality:          German

Language:            English, German

Qualification:      MSc ISM – Master of Science in Information Systems                                          

                 Management, University of Liverpool



Ø  Project Management, Team Lead, Test, Release, Support, Application and Development Manager

§  experience with project stakeholder and Senior Management up to Board Level

§  project management and design of business and technical infrastructure

§  responsible for planning of projects and budget

§  experience with handling client concern and complain with responsibility and diplomacy

§  experience in conflict management in difficult projects

§  planned new IT systems and supervised the development and implementation

§  managed different teams/groups consisting of up to 50 people

§  experience with development, design and administration of trading platforms

§  experience with release, project and team management

§  experience with design / development / test / installation / support of heterogeneous

 trading platforms (front end / middle ware / interfaces to exchanges)

§  based on the carrier path from development via support and test manager, release manager

 BA to PM, a really good understanding of the project life cycle



Ø  International work experience :

§  London

§  New York

§  Stockholm

§  Amsterdam

§  Brussels

§  Belgrade

§  Berlin

§  Frankfurt


Ø  Investment Banking Trading Systems experiencer over the last 14 years

§  MarketView / ION Trading London- Pizza

§  Murex / Paris

§  EuroMTS / SIA Milano

§  Telematico/BondVision/UnikTrend / SIA Milano

§  EurexRepo / SWX Swiss

§  BrokerTec / BTEC London

§  Martini / RTFM London

§  Sonaris / Orimos Berlin

§  Spider / APIS Cologne

§  ReutersDealing / EBS / ECP

§  Murex / Paris

§  Warrant Trading System / Commerzbank AG Frankfurt

§  RTD / RTS Germany

§  Xetra / Eurex / Deutsche Börse Frankfurt

Ø  Programming skills in the past

§  Bash and Ksh Shell scripting

§  SQL (Sybase, Oracle)


§  Fortran

§  Cobol

§  dBase II -IV / Foxbase / Foxpro 2.5 -6.0

§  Tcl/Tk 8.2- 8.34

§  C++

Ø  Tools / Server skills   

§  VMWare

§  Hyper-V

§  MS Exchange Administration

§  Domain Controller and Active Directory Administration

§  Server Administration (Unix, Linux, 2003/SB2003, 2008, 2013)


§  Windows

§  Solaris

§  Unix

§  Linux

Ø  Database



Ø  Windows applications

§  MS Word

§  MS Excel

§  MS Power Point

§  MS Visio

§  MS Projects

Employment History


since 12.2010             IB-IT (Investment Banking Information Technology)

                                               | General Manager of Consultancy IB-IT |

§  project management for different projects (FinCal, KDB2)

§  Test and Release manager for (FinCal, KDB2)

§  direct lead of a team of 12 people

§  coordination of  Murex consultancy team

§  coordination of  Murex development  team

§  coordination of  Murex BA team

§  responsible or a server farm migration

§  company strategy

§  budget / finance

§  marketing



09.2012 – 10.2013     DZ Bank Frankfurt 

                                               | Murex Developer, Test and Release Management and Technical Support Consultant |

(Our IB-IT Consultant went ill in a very sensible phase of a project at DZ Bank. To be fair and help the client to accomplish the project, even without a handover, I offered my service and managed to complete everything on time, P.Uzunovic.  Reference proving this are available on demand)


Present Value Interface

Extension of financial database present value interface. New delivery line for the sub ledger interface built from scratch. The Interface extracts relevant information about present values for all OTC products from the Murex database using MReports-technology. These reports are triggered by Murex processing scripts using respective pre-filter settings which had to be defined. The data is extracted to a new built table structure which contains all present value data for the relevant deals (all OTC deals split by product types) The extraction logic is controlled by a UNIX script in which triggers all necessary processing scripts and further corresponding database extractions. These database extractions are started sequentially by script logic for transformation purpose. The output is a leg-based report (XML-Format).

Knowledge used for this project: Murex 2.11, SQL, Murex-SQL, MReporting, Sybase, UNIX korn-shell scripting, perl, XML, Solaris, Murex processing scripts definition, financial product definition.


Cash flow Interface

Due to an extension of the financial database the cash flow interface had to be extended in the same matter as the present-value interface. The reports had to be amended and set up using new processing scripts including corresponding filter settings. A complete shell-script based controlling was built in order to gather data representing all cash flows for the relevant deals (leg-based).

Knowledge used for this project: Murex 2.11, SQL, Murex-SQL, MReporting, Sybase, UNIX korn-shell scripting, perl, XML, Solaris, Murex processing scripts definition, financial product definition.



12.2010 – 12.2011     Commerzbank AG Frankfurt

                                               | EBond Applikation Manager |

§  trading Floor main contact for Trader, Sales and back office in Frankfurt

§  managing of all application related functional and technical issues

§  communication and coordinating 2 and 3 Line issues with Team London

§  managing issues related to P&L reporting and analyses

§  communication and coordination with the development department London

§  cover of the trading floor hot-desk established for fast response



03.2009 – 12.2010     LBB  Landesbank Berlin     

                                               | Investment Banking Securities Consultant, Project Management, Manager of the                                        Production and Development |

Project Management (focus on Murex)

Project managing the development part (Sub-Project) of a bank-wide project, which is kicked off to modernize the bank by creating a new architecture and replacing disused systems. Budget planning, continues presentation and interaction with senior management up to the board level of the bank. Coordinating the development, test and release of the platform and interfaces for the new bank-strategic system. Integration of the new system in the bank environment via development of interfaces to and from following systems:



§  MaMBA

§  LRC

§  Ricos

§  HDS

§  ZMAK-MD-requirements


§  Merlin Stammdaten and Marktdaten

Ø  Finance

§  IAS

§  IAS London

§  KudZu

§  TRS-Export

§  IASUltimoRecon

§  Armstrat and SectorData

Ø  Backoffice

§  Adaptive Colateral

§  Rolfe&Nolan

§  BSP

Ø  Frontoffice

§  Murex-LBB-Invest

§  Murex-MD

§  Murex-VAR-MD

§  FON

Ø  Murex specific development/introduction

§  InterfaceLayer

§  Datamart

Ø  Manager of the Production and Development

§  Leading of the development team

§  Leading of the production team

§  Responsible for the Development strategic

§  Responsible for the Budget



12.2007- 03.2009       KBC GROUP

                                               |Release Coordination Management and Murex Technical Support|

Investment Banking Securities, Technical Application Support, Project and Execution Work, Murex release coordination management

§  Global release coordination of new binaries, fixes, functions, formulas, batches and other developments.



Murex Application project execution

§  Migration of all Murex environments (Dev, Test, QA, Prod) to new hardware

§  Improvement of the file structure and backup

§  Cleanup of 10 years old data in database and file system

§  Redesign and organization of new file structure and backup system

§  Auto indexing and index control for custom tables

§  Continues refresh and update of environments.

§  Leading and execution of releases

§  Implementation/installation of new Murex environments


Murex Application support

§  24 On Call Support for Murex including Branches (London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong)

§  Daily technical and functional support



12.2003 – 12.2007     ABN AMRO London, New York, Amsterdam

                                               | MarketView Consultant |

Investment Banking Securities, Project Management and 3-Level Application Support (Development)

Project Management, Support, enhancement and development of trading systems

MarketView, EuroMTS, BondVision Sales and Trader, Kestrel KEC Engine, RAPTr Client, TradeWEB      and other market ECN’s



§    MarketView platform migration to new hardware

§    Restructuring of the production environment.

§    EMID server move and client upgrade

§    RAPTER Client and KEC Engine upgrade

§    BrokerTec Sales Client upgrade.

§    New gateway Liffe and MMS/MMH

§    Various retail feeds to Bloomberg for market gateway’s

§    Operating Manuel V1.0

§    Continues Version testings and upgrades for market connectivity gateways and client plug-in: MKV         Client, EuroMTS, EuroMTS PCT, EuroMTS BondVision, BrokerTec Rates, BrokerTec Repo,    BrokerTec UST, TradeWEB EUGV, TradeWEBfand, TradeWEB Supras, MarketAxess, HDAT, Liffe,     MMS/MMH, Espeed, ICAP u_stp, ICAP ust, ICAP garban_ukg, Saxess, ISWAP, AT FOX

§    TradeWEB UST solution for New York early morning hours trading from London

§    New exchange connectivity integration and development of front end for the AT Fox

§    New exchange connectivity integration and development of front end for the I-SWAP

§    New exchange connectivity integration and development of front end for the MMF

§    New exchange connectivity integration and development of front end for the HDAT

§    New markets for REPO trading: Espeed, BrokerTec, Tullett, PCT, MMF

§    Development of a Consolidated front end for REPO trading

§    CMF migration-roll out

§    Quoting/Trading Auto Protection functions trigger based on fast market and market peeks

§    Development of pricing engine in MarketView

§    Major redesign of the environment for reduction of the roundtrip time across the bank

§    New connectivity, MarketView Repo Arts gateway

§    Redesign of complete MKV environment and infrastructure.

§    Migration to .NET

§    And many other project (in total more than 120) available on demand


Application Development and 3rd Level Support:

§  MarketView Client trading sheet with VM

§  MKV TCL/Tk sheets development with various functions for Trading.

§  Obligation counters function in sheets.

§  Development of a dynamic sorting of imported Instrument chain’s in MarketView sheet

§  Repo retail feed ARTS development and upgrade.

§  Scripting of a backup and self-maintenance system for MarketView Unix server

§  Monitoring tools for MarketView platform

§  Scripting of a version update tool for MarketView server

§  Auto sync for MarketView server.

§  Log file analysing scripts with auto mailing of error and problems.

§  Day to day trader requests for trading front-end changes (new columns, logic, functions…)

§  Market connections and supported platform components

§  Development of front-end in TCL/Tk

§  Development of optimization tools

§  Development of curve calculation front-end with auto protection and trading functionalities for IRS         desk

§  Business and technical support for the market connectivity’s:

§  EuroMTS, EuroMTS PCT, EuroMTS BondVision, BrokerTec Rates, BrokerTec Repo, BrokerTec       UST, TradeWEB EUGV, TradeWEB Pfand, TradeWEB Supras, MarketAxess,HDAT, ESpeed, ICAP          eu_stp, ICAP ust, ICAP garban_ukg, Saxess, Bloomberg BBT, Bloomberg retail feed euroMTS        London, Bloomberg retail feed EuroMTS Paris, Bloomberg retail feed BondVisiom, Bloomberg retail                feed hdat, Bloomberg retail feed icapeu_stp, Bloomberg retail feed Xetra, Bloomberg retail feed Eurex,         Bloomberg retail feed BrokerTecb, Bloomberg retail feed Saxess, Bloomberg retail feed         TradeQWEB_eugv, Bloomberg retail feed TradeWEB_pfand, Bloomberg retail feed         TradeWEB_supras, Bloomberg retail feed Garban_ukg, Bloomberg retail feed ESspeed, Bloomberg         retail feed nonecn, Bloomberg retail feed icap_ust, Bloomberg retail feed BrokerTec_ust, Database         reader dbr_ust, Database writer dbw_ust, Router clusters, MKV Clients, CS, PM process manager’s,         Monitor, I-SWAP, MMF,  Playbacktool



06.2001 – 12.2003     Commerzbank AG Frankfurt / London

                                               | MarketView Consultant |

Investment Banking Securities, Bond-Equity-FX Application Support, Support, enhancement and development of trading systems:

Spider, MarketView, Sonaris (price contributions Software), Martini, MTS Telmatico, BondVision, EurexRepo, Euro MTS, ICOM, WTS, Xetra, Eurex, RTD, Kondor+, Martini, Trade Injector, Trade Extractor and various Interfaces and Market Price Feeder



§    Spider maintenance and script development in SPL and UNIX

§    Move MarketView new middleware from NT to Unix

§    MarketView Development

§    MarketView Spred-market component, BrokerTec, Triarch (SSL Agent) component.

§    Maintenance and enhancement of MarketView client sheets (Tcl/Tk). MMI

§    Integration of Bloomberg trade, retail and multi product feed into and with FabbTabb.

§    MaketView connection to Bloomberg retail feed and to TradeWeb

§    Implementation of a new equities trading system (ICOM).

§    Migration of EuroMTS Openserver EBMquote130p1 API V.6 to V7.0 TEU0 Market

§    Satellite server connection for EuroMTS and Martini to London

Application (2nd and 3rd Level Support):

§  Reuters DDS, OCS, CPS servers (RIC's)

§  MarketView server, client, sheets

§  Martini front end, satellite NT and Unix server

§  Sonaris price contribution software server and clients

§  MTS Telematico client, BondVision client.

§  Miss and Gate-ware installing and support.

§  Starting of new software Unik Trend Client from SIA

§  BrokerTec, EurexRepo

Application (1st level support client and user):


§  Xetra, Eurex

§  RTD

§  Kondor +, Martini

§  Trade Injector, Trade Extractor

§  ECP, Reuters Dealing



02.2000 – 06.2001     APIS Software (ING-Barings, SEB, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank)

                                               | Development / Support Analyst |

Development support and consulting on software solutions and middleware. Development of the middleware Spider, working for different Banks and Exchanges in Stockholm, London and Frankfurt.

Support: for Deutsche Bank Trading System (Exchange) in London, New York, Tokyo and Frankfurt


§    ING-Barings London - New York

§    Commerzbank London – Frankfurt

§    Seb Stockholm

§    Deutsche Bank New York - London - Tokyo - Frankfurt.



06.1991 – 01.2000     ARAC Soft

                                               | Developer / Team Lead / Support Analyst |

Developing with Cobol, Fortran77, dBase, dBase II-IV, Foxbase, FoxPro 2.5 and 3.0 in business application for general ledger and purchasing accounting. Designing and developing reports, modify table and reconfigure database tables to accommodate new fields nature.

C++ development on interface for B2B (Business to Business) Middleware Solution based on Unix and NT. Middleware with Front/BackOffice solution based on various database.